Monday, June 22, 2009

Day 1

I awoke this morning to find myself in Memphis next to an unfamiliar woman. Then I got off the plane and boarded another that was destined for New Orleans. Today begins my nine day project to create a photo essay about the Big Easy's firefighters. After taking a three hour tour around the city to take in the destruction and reconstruction that has happened over the last four-plus years I have a lot of ideas and images bouncing around in my head. I just need to organize and produce.

Tomorrow I am going to the HQ to take a tour of one department's jurisdiction. Hopefully I'll get to see the different stations and meet some of the firefighters. I plan to create portraits of the people and the buildings. I hope to get some ideas from those in the know and find some interesting stories. Today I passed by a couple of intriguing stations as well as an abandoned one. More to come.

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